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Executive Committee

Number of meetings in 2008: 4
Average length of meetings: 2 hours and 45 minutes
Attendance rate: 93% (100% for the independent directors)
Number of meetings planned for 2009: 4

In its meeting on April 15, 2008 the Board of Directors created an Executive Committee made up of the executive directors (who ensure coordination with the management of the Group) and the non-executive directors. The Committee is chaired by the Chairman of the Board and its members are shown in Table 5.

The Committee is charged with monitoring the performance of operations at Company and Group level, approving the executive directors’ proposals for macro organizational arrangements, submitting opinions to the Board on the budget and the strategic, business and financial plans of the Company and the Group and performing any other tasks delegated by the Board of Directors. The Committee reports to the Board of Directors on the activity it has performed in the most suitable manner and in any case on the occasion of the next meeting of the Board.